Gael Bevan. PCC

Certified Executive Leadership Coach,

Certified Emotional Intelligence 360 Coach.

Certified in Assessment Centre Leadership Development

Certified Havening Technique Practitioner.

Gael is a seasoned professional who has coached and developed leaders from Fortune 500 companies including Barclays, Google, Goldman Sacks, ESPN, Spectrum Reach, Arris, Scripps Network Interactive, Time Warner, Healthcare, Freight and leading A/I and Data Analyst organizations.

Gael specialises in building future leaders at every level through learning potential, and agile leadership. She creates a fun environment and incorporates, Improv, Gestalt, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience in her unique approach.

Prior to the launch of her Executive Coaching Practice, Gael held roles in talent management, marketing and sale acquisitions in Fortune 500 organizations. Gael transitioned her Executive Coaching Practice from NZ to a successful launch and recruited and trained coaches in the UK.

In 2002 she was invited to train coaches for a global organization with over 650 coaches worldwide and developed a skill for remote coaching in order to meet demands and maintain her business clients and her priority to live a balanced lifestyle.

She learned that to coach virtually and remotely was more effective. She could coach more leaders, with greater flexibility and on a wider choice of devices and her clients got greater results in less time and the opportunity cost for all was favorable. This enabled her to adapt to differing time zones  as she traveled and follow up with progress more often to close the gap between learned and applied skills in real time.

She moved her Executive Coaching Practice to New York in 2005 and has continued to develop and innovate her approach to keep pace in a world where we need to embrace inclusion, diversity of thought, cultures and new generations with greater demands and higher expectations of responsive communication. 

Gael contributes to future leaders in the non-profit sector. She is an active member of ICF, NYC and has completed projects for NYCHAprenuers, DCAT and WICT. As a guide with WorldMentor she helped develop coaching programs for mentors in Fortune 500 companies to mentor students.

Gael ran a successful pilot coaching program with Judy Rosemarin for 11th and 12 graders for MPoweringKids and coached Jonathan Wrait who won New Zealand young entrepreneur of the year.


"Gael is a leader in her work as an Executive Coach, which is a critical factor for being effective. She has an unusually deep mix of knowledge of people and business. It allows her to blend coaching an executive and a team in the context of the business. Gael's process for coaching the person permits her to stay with and go deep with the person without raising hindrance or personal resistance. Her deep knowledge of business, organizational and industries gives her credibility for the client to engage fully. Lastly, her personal integrity and ethics create a safe and trusting environment for the coaching relationship.

- Len Rothman – President, Leadership@Work