Here's what clients have experienced.

Gael is known for her ability to get to the heart of what enables leaders activate their latent skills to be at their best. She's been told her practical steps and agile approach help improve personal outcomes. 

She coach’s CEO's and Senior Leaders, agile leadership and executive presence to be the best leaders of themselves and their organizations. To enhance their communication fitness with tools and techniques to navigate changing business conditions and connect on a human level.

Client success - Executive Presence

The client was an international Industrial Company who’s Director of Sales had difficulty with her executive presence in high profile meetings where decisions were made. She was reluctant to speak up about concerns where projects could be more profitable. Her perception of the power differential and the potential risks got in the way for her. Gael used an assessment tool to understand how, she was received by other senior leaders and peers. The assessment indicated the skills she needed to raise her level of executive presence, were speaking up from a place of confidence and clarity in critical decision making meetings and with her team. Gael’s coaching helped her focus on her communication with impact, using the pyramid model, rule of 3 and other tools, frameworks and  techniques that convey a clear message from data to decision. The client now actively speaks up in meetings. Her contribution is valued and she has helped the organization manage more projects with a higher profit margin. She now has a seat at the table where decisions are made. 

What next?

Whether you are a veteran leader or in transition to a role where you lead others, the rules of communication are fluid with globalization and the expansion of the remote and virtual team. Learn how to grow talented future leaders in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world with greater demands and higher expectations of responsive dialogue. 

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