Agile Leadership in a VucA world

create agile thought and BEHAVIOUR patterns that lead your human capital for growth.

This program is designed for leaders who are ready to;

  • Activate more of your latent and dormant skills and traits to better navigate changing business conditions.The most coveted leadership skills for 2020 and beyond is developing the Learning Quotient in your human capital. We are all being asked to bring more of ourselves to our work. The dormant skills that we use on occasion or are reserved for other contexts

    Our skills emerge and grow in multiple contexts, some well used and habitual others lie dormant until the situation requires them. Imagine I ask your best friend, your family, and work peers to describe your personality. Your friend says you are fun, openly express your views and challenge the stars quo, always listen to them and have their back, your teens say you’re distant, disconnected and never listen to them, your peers describe you as talented, serious and not one to challenge the status quo or openly express your ideas They are describing what they have experienced of you in the context of their relationship with you and what you make visible to them.

    Imagine what work would be like if you bought the skills you use in your personal life to challenge the status quo and openly express your ideas in your work environment. These are not new, but skills that haven’t been used in the work context.

  • Stay organised through conflicting priorities and navigate tough conversations with ease.

  • Enhance your quality of life and manage your stress responses.

  • Lead from your core values and discover which of your values come from a fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset. Where they enable and constrain your success.

  • Create new thought and behaviour patterns and habits that support your emerging agile leadership success.

  • Develop your team dialogue with structured and effective tools and techniques for co-creation of growth opportunities.

    Executive Coaching – Six-month engagement program to achieve objectives

Core values (what we value most or deem to be important in our life) like honesty, competence, integrity are what we judge ourselves and others by. They unconsciously direct over 95% of our behavior and determine our direction in life. They give us a sense of good and bad. It could be as simple as the way someone greets you on the phone or the way they interrupt you before you have completed your sentence or pretend they are listening that triggers a negative response in you.  Managing your trigger responsses and finding your place to operate effectively in new situations will make you a more agile leader of yourself and others. 

Your brain's cognitive capacity to think critically, problem solve and gain access to your high order of thinking is enhanced when stress is well managed. Experience the revolutionary advanced Havening Techniques to enable you to manage your stress response and be at your best more often. The technique engages your inherent biological system to strengthen and empower your mind.

Step 1 - Introduction  

·     Get to know each other a little better.

·     Understand your objective for the coaching process.

·     Agree on how we work together.

Step 2 - Assess and Align

·     Assess your personal style for learning and communication, from your situational experience and personal history. 

·     Align your personal objectives with the organizational strategic direction and growth. 

·     Identify enablers and constraints to your success in the your leadership role

·     Co-create a personalized action plan with specific practical tools and models to support your growth. 

The coaching process includes;

  • Values and Beliefs - More than likely you didn’t choose them in the first place. You adopted them as you grew over time from parents, school and community. We review the rules you have set for your values that guide your behavior and actions to ensure they are enabling your success. If not we use the three step process to design a fertile environment to enable your success.

  • Develop learning agility - let go of rigid structures, ideas, habits and thought patterns.

  • Experiment with the unknown - learn to think in the moment with speed and flexibility.

  • Maintain a clear focus - focus your attention on what will help you achieve success.

  • Get to know your triggers - learn to recognize when and where and why your triggers show up for you and how to manage your responses. Noticing what triggers you in what way, gives you more choice in how you react and respond appropriately.

  • Train yourself to respond decisively and appropriately in a crisis without being hijacked by your emotions and automatically use the right response at the right time to the right audience. Engage all of your biological senses - learn the infinitely expandable multi-sensory techniques to communicate with grace under pressure.

"Working with Gael, firstly having a Havening Technique session and subsequently business mentoring has worked wonders for me. Gael's essence is safe, centered, and very nourishing, and the profound shift in my personal growth speaks for itself." ~Simone De Cunha - Business Communications Consultant

A good fit and mutual connection is paramount to the success of the program,

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